About Us

About Us

We are development-stage biotechnology founded in 2012 and located in Dallas / Ft. Worth, Texas.

We are developing a proprietary asymmetric process automation technology that marks a significant break-through in consumable in-vitro diagnostic devices.

This technology automates parallel arrays of operationally asymmetric laboratory tests inside a simple, inexpensive, disposable plastic test cartridge; and, realizes a new generation of consumable with 10x - 40x greater test capacity, functionality with all assay classes, and products that are easier to manufacture, operate, and operable with commercially available reagent systems.

This technology addresses a long-standing need for an easy-to-use analytical testing platform that’s compatible with a wide-variety of laboratory testing methods.

Our near-term objective is to leverage this technology to address the historic need for comprehensive, yet simple, medical testing at the point-of-care.  Such a technology will lower costs, improve quality, and expand access to higher-quality healthcare, particularly in under-served 1st world rural and emerging markets.

Our long-term objective is to interconnect platforms into an autonomous Global Health Monitoring System powerful enough to model global health and track infectious disease in real-time.  Such a technology will address the historic need for coherent, sustainable and globally integrated strategies to monitor threats to human and animal health internationally; dramatically enhance detect, contain, control capabilities extending critical lead-times for medical countermeasure development; and, realize the real-time situational awareness needed to reliably forecast population-level exposure and protect at-risk populations.

Patents to stat-MDTM  technology are currently pending in US, EU, Canada, China, Japan, South Korea, and India.

The Mission


Globalization enhances the transmission efficiency of infectious disease between borders driving worldwide pandemics that consume millions of lives each year - and it’s going to get worse.

Today, new threats emerge and proliferate at rates that out-pace medical countermeasure development.   We lack the tools to sustain an effective global health strategy, and without them the ability to control future threats.  This is a permanent global issue and medical need that must be solved.

To get there, we need to revolutionize threat detection and tracking; dramatically expand diagnostic biomarkers repositories; and, realize meaningful access to affordable diagnostic tools and high-quality healthcare worldwide.

The Strategy



First, Modular Diagnostics is developing the stat-MD™ Point-of-Care Diagnostic Platform to provide comprehensive medical testing in patient examination time-frames.  This will realize equitable access to diagnostic tools and high-quality healthcare worldwide.


Second, as a byproduct of its everyday commercial use, stat-MD™ test cartridges and GPS enabled instrumentation, will generate a sustainable source of high-quality clinical data to support the stat-MD™ Global Health Management Information and Monitoring System, a system that tracks localized consumption and anonymized test results by cartridge serial numbers /time /date /location; and, the basis for real-time quality control but it's also a highly structured data-set powerful enough to track biological threats in real-time on a global scale.  We call it a biometriomeTM and it will integrate global healthcare data and realize powerful new tools; such as, a real-time situational awareness and ability to forecast symptom presentation and population-level exposure to causative agents worldwide in real-time.


Third, we expect stat-MD™ cartridge test capacity will be excessive for most clinical situations, and, anticipate leveraging surplus capacity to support “open-sourced” diagnostic development structured to validate investigational biomarkers in real-world clinical settings and at a fraction of today’s time and cost.  This will trigger a watershed event in new test development and dramatically increasing our repository of diagnostic biomarkers.

The Barrier


Medical Tests involve sophisticated laboratory techniques highly prone to human error. :(

Process automation technology (robotics) deliver consistent high-quality results … with great cost and complexity.

Designing a simple and less-inexpensive alternative that performs the same type(s) of testing in a clinical time-frame has proven a highly complex and unresolved problem.

The problem

Asymmetric Process Automation

Lab orders regularly involve 1 - 22 operationally distinct tests having different numbers and types of reagents that must combined in different ways, and require different types of testable specimens.

Today, no device can accommodate operationally asymmetric test chemistries which forces a “multiplicity-of-systems” approach that clinicians are unwilling to adopt, or dependency on full-scale clinical laboratories which are unviable in lower-resource areas.


Lack of


The Bridge

The Bridge

stat-MD™ test cartridges are the first to achieve asymmetric process automation…

…and the opportunity to convert a full-scale laboratory into a catalog of inexpensive test cartridges and a small bench-top instrument…

…and realize comprehensive medical testing with one package, two operational touch-points, and no end-user equipment dependencies...

…worldwide! :)


Medical testing is a basic tool of high-quality healthcare driving 70% of therapeutic decisions at 3% total healthcare cost.  Today, >90% of patient testing is out-sourced to off-site laboratories extending patient treatment days and weeks, and compelling lower-quality symptom-driven approaches to address patient’s immediate needs.

stat-MD technology equips clinicians with comprehensive medical testing that can be competed on-site in typical patient examination timeframes.

Harmonizing Global Health

Decentralizing clinical testing will exponentially expand the boundaries of modern medicine, reduce its overall cost, and promote a cohesive healthcare between nations - and that's a big first step towards harmonizing a global health strategy.


The Team

The Team

Dr. Don Roberts

Founder / CEO - Modular Diagnostics, Inc.

Dr. Roberts has +20 years operational and leadership experience developing and commercializing biomedical technology from concept through to approved commercial products in the major international markets.  He is a Husband, Father, US Navy Veteran, Biomedical Scientist & Microbiologist by training, Engineer by design, Entrepreneur by nature, Quantitative Systems Developer, Regulatory Affairs Professional, IP Licensing Professional and Registered USPTO Patent Agent.

He recognized a need, and invented a solution for asymmetric process automation and standardized modular consumable underlaying the stat-MD™ Diagnostic Platform.  He's a full-stack bio-entrepreneur and has worked tirelessly investing significant time, personal resources, and capital to accelerate the commercialization of this technology.


Contact Us

Contact Us

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